Movement Instinct

Personal calisthenics coaching

How does it work?

When you sign up, we will message you for an introduction meeting. This meeting is of course FREE. The meeting is meant to get to know you as good as possible, so that we can help you  achieve your personal goals. We want to know where you're at, regarding your body and health: your body structure, your capabilities, the way you think, and what you want to achieve. Another purpose of the meeting is to see if you and our coaches are compatible with each other. After both parties decide that you are a good match the coaching can begin! During each session you'll receive a routine made specially for you that you can follow when you train alone.


Is calisthenics for everyone?

One of the best things about calisthenics is the bold simplicity of it. We use our own body weight and our environment to become stronger and to shape our bodies. Calisthenics is infinitely progressive or regressive. Anyone can benefit from practicing it, from the most fundamental beginner to the most elite athlete - if they do the right exercises. 

Where does it take place?

One of the awesome things about calisthenics is that it can be done virtually anywhere! Furthermore,  in Groningen there are several calisthenics parks to choose from to optimize your trainings. During the intake meeting, you and the coach will decide together on the most convenient location for the training. The options are:






Canadalaan Park


- Because the park is not in the city center, it usually isn't very crowded and therefore it's agood place to concentrate with a calm mind.

-There's a lot of space available to move in different ways!

Oosterkade Park


- The location is central.

- The park is next to the harbor, which makes it beautiful place to train in.

Vrydemalaan Park


- The location is central.

-This park offer the most possibilities for intermediate and advanced practitioners.

If you'd rather train inside, then don't panic! It's also possible to have the coaching in the Big Gym. However, you will have to be a member there to do so. 

How much does it cost?

Each personal coaching session costs 54,45 euros (incl BTW) and lasts on average a bit more than an hour. If you are a student at high school or university, then you can get a discount! A personal coaching for a student costs 36,30 (incl BTW).

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Naast het feit dat ze beschikken over goede routines om je lichaam helemaal uit te putten, weten deze boys hoe ze je moeten pushen tot je limits, en daar overheen. Ze kregen mij zelfs zover dat ik moest overgeven tijdens een van mijn eerste trainingen (geen aanrader haha). Kortom, goede oefeningen, duidelijke uitleg ervan en ze voorzien je van een grote hoeveelheid motivatie.

Sjoerd Broca Brothers

Ik heb een zorgvuldige introductie ontvangen en diverse basisoefeningen geleerd die ik verder kan uitbouwen. Ik heb niet alleen oefeningen meegekregen maar ook de concepten en gedachten achter de oefeningen. De coach werkt professioneel en sluit goed aan bij de gecoachte. Zowel in dynamiek als in het aangeboden programma.

Ferry Coach, mindfulnesstrainer, docent

Emilio is very helpful as a coach and at making routines. I recommend his services to anyone who needs some expert help, advice and knowledge on calisthenics. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate I guarantee Emilio will be of help to your trainings. I cannot express enough how useful his knowledge has been and look forward to using some of the principles he has taught me in my next trainings, with these bodyweight training concepts I am confident that I will easily reach my short and long term goals! Needless to say I was satisfied.

Lawrence Student

Because of the lessons of Movement Instinct I got a good introduction and basics to calisthenics. Because of their motivation I’m still training.

Roland Artist